Our Hub

Der Digital Innovation Hub KI und Cybersicherheit (DIH4AISEC) unterstützt Unternehmen und den öffentlichen Sektor bei der Anwendung und Entwicklung von Technologien der Künstlichen Intelligenz und der Cybersicherheit. Der Hub dient dabei als zentrale Anlaufstelle für die Zielgruppen und übernimmt die Koordination und Bündelung der Partnerdienstleistungen sowie die Vernetzung. 

Our Main Applications

Our focus areas for the application of AI and security technologies are the production, mobility and trade sectors, which are key sectors for Lower Saxony. The most important partners in these focus areas have joined forces in DIH4AISEC, to drive further digital innovations and help shape the digital transformation in Lower Saxony.


Germany, and in particular Lower Saxony, is one of the leading factory suppliers and one of the most important production locations worldwide. Production engineering companies are faced with increasingly complex processes as well as shorter product and innovation cycles.

Our Innovation Hub offers help in meeting these market requirements, unlocking flexibility potential and providing impetus to the economy through novel business models.


The electrification of drive systems, alternative energy sources, significant changes of business models and digitization are the main drivers of a fundamental change in the mobility sector. In Lower Saxony, more than 200 small and medium-sized companies in the mobility industry are confronted with the challenge of helping to shape this change.

Our Innovation Hub aids both in meeting new market requirements and openening up innovative business models.

Skilled Crafts

With around 83,000 businesses, the skilled crafts are an important economic factor in Lower Saxony. Digitization poses structural challenges for the skilled crafts, be it through realigning their business models or increasing efficiency with the help of digital tools.

Our Innovation Hub offers state-of-the-art support for the continued development of operational digitization.

Our services

Innovation requires technological foresight. We accompany your innovation process from the idea to the product - with technology consulting, maturity analyses and infrastructure.

Innovation needs qualified personnel. We offer a portfolio of specific training courses and more extensive qualification programs.

We help companies find funding for high-risk research and development activities.

We mediate between companies, innovators and early adopters and establish regional innovation networks - also across Europe.

Our Highlights

Examples of how the digital transformation can succeed intelligently and securely gelingen kann

Unsere Partner zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie Ihr Unternehmen vor Cyberattacken schützen können, wie KI ihre Produktion effizienter machen kann oder welche Unterstützung Gründer im Bereich Cybersicherheit erhalten.

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