Lower Saxony's economy is characterized by a strong manufacturing sector. Globally renowned companies from the automotive and aerospace industries as well as electronics and medical technology produce in Lower Saxony. This is complemented by an overwhelming number of small and medium-sized companies that are active in the supplier industry or in mechanical and plant engineering.

They all face the challenge of exploring and utilizing the possibilities of digitalization in order to adapt to changing market requirements. At the DAISEC, you will find the fitting support for this task.

AI and Digitalization in Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence has been present in the manufacturing industry for quite some time and will become even more important as time goes on. Possible applications can be found in almost all areas: Quality assurance, quotation costing, production control or process monitoring are just a few examples. The DAISEC offers comprehensive knowledge and opportunities to test innovative ideas, for example via our demonstrators.

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies face a wide variety of threats, such as encryption Trojans or fraudulent emails. Consistently implemented cyber security offers protection against unauthorized access, manipulation of production facilities or data theft. You will find support for identifying vulnerabilities and implementing protective measures, for example in our Training courses.