Innovation needs qualified personnel

We offer a coordinated portfolio of measures that, taken as a whole, aim to build up professional, methodological and practical expertise in selected digitalization topics and technologies. They range from thematic introductions and in-depth technical training to methodological and practical qualifications.

Our services

Our offer provides the opportunity to gain insights into topics including digitalization, cyber security and artificial intelligence through introductory events such as training courses or method workshops. The individual topics are supported by specific applications in order to facilitate a company-centred exchange on potentials, opportunities and the first steps of implementation for your company.

Training measures provide the necessary understanding of digitalization topics and technologies. They impart specialist knowledge so that solution approaches can be placed in the entrepreneurial context, the possible applications and uses of technologies for one's own company can be understood, and decisions on digitalization and technology options can be made. Depending on the technical depth, training courses provide an impetus for understanding and motivation, or in-depth knowledge of a specific topic segment.

Both face-to-face and digital formats are used, allowing access regardless of time or location.

Introductory tools, training and specialized seminars are offered for this purpose, such as:

  • Business model check
  • Understanding artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence in production - an introduction
  • Artificial intelligence in the cloud
  • IT security with the cloud

The practical and methodological workshops extend the range of training courses. In this interactive program, you can learn more about the possibilities available to your company and the first steps towards implementation. Examples of the practical and methodological workshops on offer are:

  • Value Proposition
  • Identifying the AI potential in a company
  • Artificial intelligence in an enterprise - 5 steps towards implementation
  • Ensuring data quality
  • Speech and text recognition with AI

Further details and current offers can be found at:

The qualification programs offer coordinated packages of measures that impart methodological qualifications and include practical testing in real business task contexts. They complement the more technical training courses and workshops. In this way, solution competencies for digitalization issues in companies can be broadened methodically and deepened professionally.

AI Qualification Project HAISEM Lab

HAISEM-Lab is a qualification project for industrial employees and is carried out by the Research Center L3S and the Institute for Microelectronic Systems of the Leibniz Universität Hannover, as well as by the Software Systems Engineering Group of the University of Hildesheim. The focus is on the development of AI applications using software engineering methods and special hardware to accelerate computation.

Management Seminar "Digitalization Manager"

Digital technologies, new market players and innovative business processes are changing market structures, consumer behavior, products and manufacturing processes. New forms of value creation and new business areas are emerging. What opportunities and potential of digitalization are you already exploiting in your business? The management seminar "Digitalization Manager" creates the basis for digital transformation.